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We have been interviewed about our community art practice in a number of online publications. Check them out below!

She Does the City 2016

She Does the City

Tumaini Lyaruu & Chason Yeboah are the big hearts behind Acts of Kindness (AoK!), a movement dedicated to acknowledging and recognizing the kind deeds of others. These crochet teachers (and yarn bomb enthusiasts) have been spreading love across the city by sharing their incredible crochet skills through workshops for children, youth, adults and seniors...

Toronto Arts Council 2018

Toronto Arts Council

At the tdsbCREATES residency launch earlier this year, I had the pleasure of speaking to 5 different artists who are a part of the elementary residency program, in which over 40 artists are paired with 56 schools to help students and teachers hone their skills in a particular artistic craft. They shared a bit on their background in the arts, their experience with tdsbCREATES, and why they think it is important for students create art NOW:

Crochet Concupscience 2017

Crochet Concupscience

I was so inspired by my interview with Tumaini and Chason, which appears in my monthly “Crochet Heals” column in Issue 38 of Happily Hooked digital magazine. These creative artists are so incredibly inspiring. Here are some photos and questions that didn’t make it into the original article…


Feminist Arts Collective 2015

Feminist Arts Collective

Historically, “non-western” art has been collected and assimilated into categories of for-profit, scientific value, or aesthetic. The art of people who create on the margins is constituted as evidence of prehistoric people, as prized for strangeness or curiosity, as taxonomic typology, or as personal collection. In that regard the messaging and essence of our art is continuously framed within the domain of capitalism and white supremacy...

Happily Hooked Magazine (Issue 38) 2017

Happily Hooked Magazine (Issue 38)

Chason Yeboah and Tumaini Lyaruu created this movement to spread love and kindness in a world where we are often inundated with disheartening news. Chason and Tumaini host crochet workshops to teach people of all ages the basics of the craft so the can embrace its loving kindness for themselves...