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Genitalia Storyweaving

What is Genitalia Storyweaving?

This storytelling portion of this art and health resource project is to create a platform to share art and knowledge that talks about health in ways that do not serve to dominate, objectify, fetishize or hypersexualize us - particularly the bodies of Afro/Black, Indigenous, People of Colour who are queer and/or trans, gender non-conforming (GNC) and intersex that are often viewed as anomalies. So part of this blog, called Genitalia Storyweaving, is sharing original art submissions stemming from a wide range of lived experience about what genitals can mean, and how we maintain our wellness - so together we can grow from each others knowledge.

It isn't easy to talk about the sensitivities that surround genitals, so always feel free to hit me up even if its just to chat or brainstorm an idea.

Who can submit?

All people (regardless or race, gender, or biological sex) are allowed to submit, we encourage and most def seek out Afro/Black, Indigenous, People of Colour who are queer and/or trans, GNC and intersex to submit.  

The art and bodies of Afro/Black, Indigenous and People of Colour have, by the way of white supremacy, been pushed to the margins as; curiosity, exotic, artifact, nameless, collector’s item, and primitive. In that same vain, by way of patriarchy the stories about our intersections as queer, trans, 2 spirit, mashoga, ashtime, or people living outside the gender binary, unless intentionally told by us are decimated, or are not often recognized as valid or as art in institutions and first wave social movements. Extremely anti-black, anti-indigenous, (trans) misogynist and clinical narratives (with long and varied histories) created by other people about our bodies still persist.

How to submit

All submissions can go here. Personal safety is a real thing and your safety always matters, so we can always talk about how to keep you safe as it relates to posting on this blog (also for reasons related to safety comments have been turned off - comments can be hella violent :/). You can also choose to submit anonymously or with a pseudonym. Alternatively, you can choose to share who you are and how you move through the world. And should you choose to, you deserve credit for your work! Accompanying your art submission, please send the following:

  • Your name and pronouns
  • A short bio (100 words) that can include your gender pronouns, and anything else you wish to share about yourself
  • A picture of yourself (selfies are sooOoOo good, you can send head shots too)
  • Where can people link you and keep up with your work (social media handles, website/blog etc.)
  • For submission of visual materials please include an artist statement (500 words or less)

Length of submissions

We view, read and edit submissions before posting them. If anything needs clarification we will send you the feedback for review. There will be lots of love in the editing process, and it's mostly to make sure that your message gets across.

  • Video: no more than 5 minutes (for auditory accessibility, please include captions and a transcript). Please upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and send the link. If you don't know how to do this, hit me up.
  • Essays and blog posts: Between 800 - 1000 words
    (note: please cuss and use all the language and creative spelling you need to)
  • Visuals and other art work: 2-3 jpeg. images of original work (for visual accessibility, please include an image description


$5 of each crochet genitalia we sell goes towards paying you for your submission. For right now we can offer $10CAD per submission which we can e-transfer or send via paypal. We can also work out how payment works best for you. As fundraising takes off we'll def be increasing payment per submission, so stay locked!

An important note on submissions

We're not even down for bigotry. Submissions with content that is directly or indirectly discriminatory or stigmatizing will not be posted, which is not limited to the following:

  • Racism, anti-blackness, afro-pessimism, shadism, orientalism
  • Islamophobia or any religious or spiritually based discrimination
  • Queerphobia, homophobia, biphobia, heteronormativity
  • Patriarchy not limited to; transmisogyny, misogynoir, cissexism
  • Ablism or discrimination based on health status
  • Fatphobia, fat antagonism, and sizeism of any kind
  • Facets of white supremacy not limited to: (neo) colonialism, imperialism
  • Microagressions
  • slut-shaming, and discriminatory attitudes towards sex and sex work

You get the jist, right? We'll respond letting you know the reasons why the submission was declined, and should you be open to it we can also provide suggestions on how to re-frame the content.