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As an artistic practice and technical skill, the rhythmic and repetitive motions, following and recognizing patterns, learning new stitches, the application of math, and use of fine motor skills used in crafting can be applied to create purposeful meaning to its crafter.
tdsbCREATES artist residency 2018

tdsbCREATES artist residency

Mindful Crochet 2017

Mindful Crochet

Crochet Storyweaving

Our crochet story weaving workshop series is a textile based storytelling method (with historical root across many cultures globally) where a first person narrative is weaved to tell a story about the everyday life and events of people or a community. In this six session process, colours, patterns, and shapes are integral parts of creating weaved expression. 



Mindful Crochet 

Crochet has the capacity to keep the mind engaged and can be used as a tool to live with stress. This 12 week workshop series housed at the 519 community center creates space to connect with others, and to share strategies on how to use crochet as a tool for mindfulness. All while learning to make something real cute!

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Kink krafts  2017

Kink krafts

Personal crochet classes

Do you want to learn how to crochet and want one-on-one lessons?  We can also come to you and teach personal crochet classes for individuals and groups of up to four people. If you have a project you have been wanting to start, or if need some guidance to complete a project, we can support whatever your crochet learning needs are! 

Kinky Krafts

Kinky krafts is a Krafty Queers collaboration where we use discarded and used materials to make upcycled sex toys (mostly floggers, riding crops and ticklers). Whether these toys be for trade, work, play, survival etc. kinky krafts is a do it together, free, community crafting jam to connect and talk about the different ways we come to sex and kink.