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Our Story

What do we do when our bodies start to grow and change? How do we have conversations about these changes with people in comfortable, engaging and relevant ways?

Tuly Maimouna crochet genitalia  teaching resources are tactile and interactive tools that can be used to have conversations with family, clients, students and friends about the changes and experiences of our bodies. Not limited to talking about sexually transmitted infections (STI), sexual reconstruction surgery (SRS), pregnancy, pleasure, puberty, or anatomy, these teaching resources attempt to move away from education strategies that exclude the different experiences we have in our bodies, and that are too often rooted in fear mongering and judgement.


Tumaini Lyaruu is an afroblack diasporic,
gender self-defining, queer babe living loving and creating as an uninvited guest in Tkaronto, Ontario, Canada on the traditional territories of the Missisauga's of the New Credit, Anishnaabeg, Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, Seneca, and Huron-Wendat nations.

Crafting presents endless possibilities and through Tuly Maimouna, a multidisciplinary community arts practice, crafting is used as storytelling to make meaning of personal and shared experiences. For the past seven years as a community artist Tumaini has facilitated numerous sexual health/HIV arts-based workshops, digital storytelling workshops, and supported various community arts programming around the city in community and school based settings.

Part of Tuly Maimouna’s community arts practice is to guide people through the process of storytelling, which is rarely neutral. It holds a lot of people's anxieties, fears, doubts, frustrations, and emotions. While part of the work is to provide guidance on gaining a technical artistic skill, it also involves working with recognition and compassion for the complexity of experiences, and intentionally facilitating room for people to engage, and make meaning of the skill and process as best suits their needs.





Community Arts

As a multidisciplinary community artist, Tumaini facilitates and supports arts programming and projects in community settings from;  sharing the skill of crochet, supporting BLMTO Freedom School,  and supporting arts-based harm reduction/HIV programming in AIDS service organizations and community health centers.


Genitalia Is

Who do we talk to when things happen to our bodies? Our tactile crochet genitalia are educational teaching tools to have conversation about sexual health.