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STI Series

Sexually Transmitted Infection Series


Who do we talk to when things happen to our bodies?

"I was 17 when I got chlamydia for the first time. At the time I was dating someone who one day before going down on me asked me "I don't mean to sound rude, but why does your crotch smell like this?" After pointing this out I simply thought that the change and odor in my discharge, plus the slight itchiness and redness were symptoms of a coming yeast infection. Since I had had them before and the symptoms were similar, I self diagnosed and kept trying to treat what I thought was a reoccurring yeast infection. Months later the person I was seeing got an STI test during a routine physical and let me know they had chlamydia. Although I was well educated on the use of condoms and getting tested, we had had sex without condoms a few times and had never talked about getting tested together. I was able to get access to treatment, but the shame, frustration and sadness stayed with me for a long time, and I didn't feel like I had anyone to talk to about it - even with the person I was dating"

Having access to educational resources that aren't fear mongering or body shaming are important tools of engagement to start and continue conversations about health. The Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) series features felted, beaded and embroidered representations of clinical STI symptoms on our tactile crochet genitalia. They are used to share how STIs can look on the body, and to talk through STI stigma and the shame often associated with living with or having had an STI.

Our STI series has been sold to community health centres, community programs, sex therapists, sex educators and gynecologists, gifted to midwives, worn as broaches and bowties, used by parents/guardians to talk to their children about bodies, as fundraising tools for events and projects, and as pieces for mixed media art installments.  

Whatever your educational needs are we work in collaboration with you to create customized crochet genitalia to best meet your needs! For custom orders please email: